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Learn about the neurology of chiropractic.
Do you have 30 minutes to increase your clinical clarity about the neurology of chiropractic? Listen to Dr Anthony Nicholson while in your car, whilst working-out, or before starting a patient list. Originally recorded in 2007, this program continues to be one of the most popular resources for chiropractors to increase their conceptual clarity on the neurological effects of chiropractic treatment.
Chiropractic is neurology.
No matter what technique you use, all chiropractors have one thing in common - we interact with the nervous system. Ours is a powerful tool for neuromodulation. However, a tool is only as useful as the knowledge that underlies its use. Unfortunately, most research data is just not meaningful in day-to-day practice, unless it is presented in a chiropractic context. So these podcasts distil for you a vast reservoir of information into practical distinctions to give you greater clinical clarity.

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The convenience of a 30 minute podcast.
Build your functional neurology effortlessly over time, in a time efficient and cost effective way.

• Just AUD $390 (+ GST in Australia) for the complete series of 26 Audio Podcasts
• 13 hours of distilled and relevant information that will add a new dimension to your understanding of how you interact with the human nervous system
• The Podcasts qualify for 13 hours of
Informal Learning Activity (in Australia)
• Listen as Dr Anthony Nicholson brings to life the dry theory of texts and journals and wraps it within a chiropractic context
• A cost-effective method for developing and maintaining up-to-date knowledge
• Easy, secure online purchase
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