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Do you have some questions about the Forensic online training?
You're in the right place. The University of Bridgeport has teamed up with CDI, a world leader in chiropractic education, to deliver an unparalleled learning experience. A good question to ask yourself when evaluating any educational activity is this, 'Will this just give me a pile of information on the topic, or will it actually help me think more effectively and make a better diagnosis?' That is why all of our online learning programs are case-based exercises in diagnostic thinking, and not just information-based slideshows on the web. We invite you to continuously learn with us and enjoy the increased confidence of being a master examiner.
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How to Join
How does the signup process work?
Firstly you need to use fill out the enrollment from to create your membership profile. You can do so here:


Once you have submitted this form you will be taken to a page to purchase your credit hours. The cost is
US $1500 per 50 hours and the transaction is handled securely by PayPal. You can then purchase additional blocks of 50 credit hours when required. Note that your PayPal invoice will be billed by 'Clinical Development International Pty Ltd' on behalf of the University of Bridgeport.

As soon as you have completed this process you will receive an email confirming your registration. You can then log in using the username and password that you selected and start exploring the site.
What happens if I fill out the enrollment form but don't complete my credits payment?
If you submit your enrollment details but don't finalize your payment for some reason, you will still be able to complete the process later. Just log in using your chosen username and password details and follow the process outlined below in the FAQ entry entitled "How do I purchase more credits when I run out?"
Finding My Way Around
How do I navigate around the site?
When you log in to the NMSM area you will be taken to the home page. At the top of the screen you will see a tab that looks like the one below. Click on this to reveal the navigation menu.


A drop-down menu will present you with all of the options on the site.

Accessing Content
What are the different learning activities available?
Essentially, the NMSM Advanced Online Clinical Training includes 4 types of learning activities:

A. eLearning Episodes - these are video-based exercises in clinical thinking
B. Diagnostic Drills - exercises in diagnostic reasoning
C. Communication Drills - exercises in professional communication
D. Clinical Masterclasses - video recordings of live conference presentations

There is also a range of additional
free resources. These include interviews with specialists, blog articles and forum interactions etc. Please feel free to look around this area, as it is a highly valuable resource.

To satisfy the Forensic core requirements you have to complete
200 hours of the formal forensic online learning activities. You can complete them in any order that you like, based upon your clinical interest at the time. Once you've completed an activity it will show as 'completed' on the thumbnail picture and will also be listed in your MyCE portfolio.

Diagnostic Drill Completed

Each time you log in to the NMSM home page you will see a selection of the latest learning activities that have been added - and this constantly changes as we add new programs. You can simply press those activities to access them straight from this page rather then going to the library for each set of activities. You can also see the latest free resource that we've added.
How many credits do I need for each activity?
You can access the NMSM learning activities on the site by using your credits - according to the following formula:

1. eLearning Episodes (3 hrs) = 3 credits
2. Diagnostic Drills (2 hrs) = 2 credits
3. Communication Drills (2 hrs) = 2 credits
4. Clinical Masterclasses (3 hrs) = 3 credits
Do I need to complete the activities in a specific order?
There is no specific order in which you need to complete the activities. You can do them in number order, or based upon your particular interest at the time. Our online learning activities are different to older style didactic lectures. They are designed to mirror more closely your daily clinical experience.

Clinical practice is not like a structured lecture on a certain clinical topic. Instead, you see a diverse range of patient presentations walking through your door, in no particular order, and you have to solve clinical problems 'on the fly'. Our learning activities match this process. They are
case-based and require you to apply clinical reasoning and problem solving skills in exactly the same way that you do in practice. In addition, we add in the latest evidence just when you need to draw on that information to make a decision. For this reason, our learning programs represent the latest in advanced learning technology and methodology.
Can I preview an activity before deciding to access it with my credit hours?
Yes you can.

Both the Diagnostic Drills and the Communication Drills allow you to sample the first page of the activity and read the basic scenario before committing to purchase. Just click on the 'Preview Activity Now' link on the menu page of each activity.

Diagnostic Drill Preview

If you decide to continue past the first page of the Drill you will then spend 2 credits to do so (don't worry, you will receive a warning before proceeding).

The eLearning Episodes are a little different. You can preview the introduction to the video right on the menu page. Just click on the preview icon located at the bottom of each Episode.

eLearning Episodes Preview

If you decide to purchase the Episode then click on the 'Do CE Activity Now ->' link. You will be shown a confirmation message before you proceed.

eLearning Episodes Purchase
What happens when I run out of credits? Can I access my previously purchased content?
If you run out of credits it is easy to buy some more at any time. However, you can always access previously purchased content - even if you have a zero credit balance. This allows you to build a reference library over time.

Each activity that you complete can be viewed again at any time. For example, each Diagnostic Drill contains a clinical thinking algorithm at the end of the Drill that can be accessed in the future, just when you have a relevant clinical case and need to draw on the information again. Each Communication Drill that you complete contains a polished piece of example professional correspondence that becomes part of your communication library. When the need arises, you can use it to write to another physician. Each eLearning Episode has a worksheet that you can download and take your own notes, as well as a piece of professional correspondence.
Can I access my purchased content at any time?
Yes, you can review your activities and watch the videos whenever you like.
Topping Up My Credits
How do I purchase more credits when I run out?
When you have exhausted your initial block of credits you can purchase more at any time from the NMSM home page.

Log in as normal and you will then be taken to the NMSM home page. Here you will see a summary of your profile information that looks like this:

My Dashboard USA

Click on the three small circles underneath your details to bring up a menu like the one below. Then simply click on the 'Purchase credits' button to buy your credits securely via PayPal.

Purchase Credits USA

Once you have done this your account will be credited additional hours and you can select whichever activities you want. You can top up your credits here at any time.
Do my credits expire if I don't use them?
No. Your credits don't expire and you can use them whenever you wish.
What happens when I run out of credits? Can I access my previously purchased content?
If you run out of credits it is easy to buy some more at any time. However, you can always access previously purchased content - even if you have a zero credit balance. This allows you to build a reference library over time.
Earning Your CE Points
How is formal CE assessed on the site? Do I have to do an exam?
At the end of each Forensic learning activity there is an exam that you must pass in order to earn CE recognition. The quiz is presented in a multiple choice format, with questions related to the activity you have just completed. You must score 100% to earn your CE points. If you do not score 100% on your initial attempt you will be told which questions were answered incorrectly and given a second try.

If you fail to answer all questions correctly on two successive occasions, you must
wait 24 hours until your next attempt. This time should be used to review the original learning material. Following this, you are allowed another attempt every 24 hours until you have passed the Quiz.

Your first attempt at the Quiz is very important, as this is the score that is recorded in your Portfolio and used to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA). This score is used for quality assurance and also for recognition of excellence.
Why is there a timer on each activity page?
To qualify for accreditation our activities must use a timing mechanism to ensure that you spend the required amount of time learning. Although the activity timer at the bottom of the screen may run for a longer timeframe than the actual video, this reflects the anticipated time necessary to pause the videos and write notes as you go.

Please note that the timer will only be required on your
first run through.

Important: Once the timer has reached zero, a button will appear in its place that looks like the one below.

timer button

It is important that you click on this button to 'log' the page (and the timer) as completed. If you want to leave the activity and come back later, the timer will start again unless you have clicked on this button.

What is a 'reflection' and why do I have to write one?
Some activities on the site require you to write a reflection (e.g. the Communication Drills). A reflection is simply a paragraph or two that describe the new insights, knowledge or expertise that you have gained from this learning exercise. When you have completed your reflection a copy of it will be emailed to you. You should store this somewhere safe, as CDI does not keep a copy of this, and you will be required to produce it later in case of a registration board audit.
When do I get my certificate?
As soon as you have successfully completed the online quiz you will receive your Certificate of Completion via email.
Managing Your CE Records
What is MyCE Portfolio?
Your MyCE Portfolio will automatically keep track of all the activities that you complete on the site (as soon as you pass the quiz). However, you can also log other academic pursuits done elsewhere directly from the MyCE page, allowing you to keep all of your CE records in one place. Your Portfolio is ready to print at any time. You can access your records here:


Think of your MyCE Portfolio as your permanent CE record.
I lost my certificate. How do I get another one?
You can obtain a replacement certificate at any time. Just go to the Certificates page and you will see every activity that you have completed listed in date order.

Communication Drill Certificate Email

Look for the learning activity that you need and you will see an icon in the bottom left hand corner, as shown in the image above. Click on this and you will receive another copy of your certificate immediately via email.
What happens if I get audited?
If you get audited by your state examining board you will need to prove that you have undertaken sufficient CE for your state requirements. To do this you will have to produce copies of each PDF certificate that you have earned on the site, as well as any reflections that you have written as part of a learning assessment. These reflections were emailed to you at the time of the activity. Please note that CDI does not store a copy of these. You should also print out a copy of your MyCE Portfolio:

Can I get a transcript of all of my completed activities?
Absolutely. Just go to the following page to get a complete record of all activities that you have undertaken on the site:

I have messed up one of my Portfolio entries - how can I edit it?
If you make a mistake entering a CE activity in your Portfolio you cannot directly edit it yourself. However, if you email us with a quick description of what you'd like changed we will update it for you within a few hours. Contact us at:

Computer Requirements
What computer do I need to access content?
Firstly, you need either a Macintosh (minimum OS 10.6) or a Windows computer (minimum Windows 7) capable of connecting to the internet. The speed of your broadband connection is important, as it dictates the speed of video download. You should have at least 3 Mbps bandwidth for adequate performance and you can test your own connection speed using the following free service:


Your operating system needs to be able to run a modern browser, such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox - which all conform to modern web standards and perform well. Internet Explorer 10 and 11 also work well, but older versions of IE (particularly IE 8) are not very good with all video formats. You can download the latest version of your favourite browser at the link below:


You may need to update the Flash plugin on your computer if it is old and out of date. You can get the latest version at the link below:

Can I access the website on a mobile device?
Yes you can. All of our content works perfectly well on tablets and mobile phones. However, we are currently upgrading the site to make it responsive to the device you are using - so that it adapts the content to give you the best viewing experience. This upgrade is time consuming and ongoing, so not all activities are currently optimised for mobile viewing. Please be patient.
Video Troubles
Why are the videos playing so slowly?
1. Slow videos are very frustrating and it usually comes down to a number of variables. The most obvious is your own connection speed. You can test your connection speed using the following free service:


Our videos will play perfectly well with only modest download speeds - from as little as 3 Mbps. If you are not able to view them properly with a bandwidth greater than this, then your problem lies somewhere else.

2. Browser choice. Modern browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox conform to all modern web standards and perform well. Internet Explorer 10 and 11 also work well, but older versions of IE (particularly IE 9) are not very good with all video formats.

3. You may need to update the Flash plugin on your computer if it is old and out of date. You can get the latest version at the link below:


4. If the videos are playing slowly on your computer then you can alter the playback quality to better suit your download bandwidth. To do this, just click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video player and a menu will appear, as shown below.
Then alter the playback quality to a lower number (e.g. from 720p down to 540p).

5. In many cases rebooting your router will help. This is a common fix. Note that you need to power it down completely and unplug from a power source for 20 seconds, not just push a reset switch.

6. If your router is greater than 3 years old there may be a compatibility issue with some of the newer video streaming protocols. A symptom of this would be variable video performance on different websites. If you find that our videos are slow, but other sites are OK, then it may well be the age of your router - as our videos are using the newest technology. The benefit of newer protocols is that they perform well, even on slow connections. However, some older routers have trouble with this technology and tend to stutter. If this is the case, then it might be time for a new (and more secure) router.
I've tried everything you've said and I'm still having troubles. What now?
If you have tried everything listed above then you should contact us for assistance. Please be specific in your email - simply saying that 'The videos aren't working' doesn't help us. You will need to include the following information:

1. Have you
ever been able to watch any of the videos, or was this the first time you've tried and they just don't work?
2. What operating system are you using?
3. What browser (and version) are you using?
4. What version of the Flash plugin are you using?
5. Are you getting an error message? If so, what does it say?
6. Please describe the behaviour of the problem.

Send your email to:

Contact Us
Have a question? We can help.
The most common questions are answered right here on this page.
1. For general enquiries please contact us at: cdi@cdi.edu.au

2. For technical support, or questions about your MyCE portfolio, please contact us at:

3. For general questions about the NMSM program please email Dr James Lehman at: