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Continuing Education and Professional Development

CDI is an industry leader in the continuing education of chiropractors around the world. CDI specialises in online learning and uses the latest digital media technology. CDI's programs are formally accredited for CPD / CE across North America, Australia and Hong Kong. Continuing education requirements can also be met in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

Check the list below for your jurisdiction.

CDI offers you a complete CPD solution for your annual registration requirements.

What are My CPD Obligations?

• 25 hours annually
• 12.5 hours must be formal learning activities (FLA) from an accredited program
• Balance of 12.5 hours may be FLA or informal learning activities

Official CPD guidelines are available from the Chiropractic Board of Australia Website:
How CDI Offers a Complete Solution

Complete ALL of your CPD online via our on-demand learning resource. If you prefer live training, then one CTCP Module will fulfil your FLA requirements.

Live Training
• Each CTCP Module = 13.5 FLA
Online Learning
• Each eLearning Episode = 3.0 FLA
• Each Diagnostic Drill = 2.0 FLA
• Each Communication Drill = 2.0 FLA

• Record your informal learning hours with Clinical Clarity Interviews, Case Forum interactions and Clinical Clarity Blog
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Your CPD Portfolio

All chiropractors in Australia are required to maintain a portfolio of evidence of their CPD activities.

CDI offers all chiropractors MyCPD – a personalised online CPD portfolio that records all of your CPD activities. You can print it any time to send to the Chiropractic Board of Australia as needed.
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United States of America

Continuing Education Obligations

CDI’s online programs are accredited in over 30 states. CEU is awarded by the University of Bridgeport.
How CDI's Programs Help You
Online Learning
• Each eLearning Episode = 3.0 CEU
• Each Diagnostic Drill = 2.0 CEU
• Each Communication Drill = 2.0 CEU
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What are My CPD Obligations in New Zealand?

• To accumulate a minimum of 50 hours of Continuing Professional Development of which at least 25 must be Formal Learning, over a 2 year cycle

• Formal learning is defined as including:
a) Distance education modules
b) Self-directed learning
c) Conferences, fora, seminars and workshops
d) Research (substantive, referenced and evidence-based)
e) Tertiary and other accredited courses
f) Accreditation activities
• Informal learning is defined as including:
a) Case studies
b) Clinical case discussions with colleagues
c) Clinical supervision/mentoring of students and/or practitioners
• Reciprocal recognition of CDI’s programs applies due to formal accreditation in Australia.

What are My CPD Obligations in the UK?

• Chiropractors are responsible for maintaining their professional knowledge and skills via self-directed continuing education
• 30 hours must be completed each year
• Chiropractors must identify their own learning needs, produce a learning plan, and keep a portfolio of how they addressed these needs with various learning activities

Official guidelines for CPD requirements can be accessed on the website of the General Chiropractic Council:
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What are My CPD Obligations in Hong Kong?

• 72 hours required over a 3-year assessment cycle (24 hours annually recommended)

For more information please see the website for the Chiropractors Council of Hong Kong:
How CDI Offers a Complete Solution

Live Training
• Each CTCP Module = 15 CPD points
Online Learning
• Each eLearning Episode = Submission under process
• Each Diagnostic Drill = Submission under process
• Each Communication Drill = Submission under process
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CTCP Live Modules

Each module is presented over two days and is structured to maximise your learning experience. CDI is known for outstanding audiovisual presentations and highly practical interactive sessions. No matter what technique you use, or your specialisation, the CTCP will stimulate you and strengthen you as a chiropractor.
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